School Parties/Invitations

INTERMEDIATE campus has two school parties permitted during the year.  Room mothers and teachers take care of the preparations.

We cannot allow students to bring cookies, candy, etc., and distribute in their classroom.  There are several reasons why this cannot be allowed.  It becomes a competitive situation, which can get out of hand as well as being a disruption to class instruction.  The same rule applies to invitation distribution at school or on school property.  Please do not ask teachers to make exceptions to this rule.  Since many children can get hurt feelings, or the teacher may be out and a substitute fails to pass out the invitations, and we certainly respect your right to invite whom you choose, please send all invitations through the mail, social media, or by telephone.  Our teachers do recognize students’ birthdays, as we certainly understand how important this day is to your child.  Student information lists will be completed by the teacher at the beginning of the year.  Parent permission is required before the student’s information is released.

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